Synthetic marijuana - the truth from the horse's mouth

The owner of two Fox Valley gas stations is facing charges after a synthetic marijuana bust by the Lake Winnebago MEG unit. - Full Story at WFRV-TV Green Bay Is there any real evidence that synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 and Spice, has harmful effects? If so, what? Have they been proven or is it just speculation as it was back when the government banned actual cannabis? I decided to look into it some... Here is a direct quote from : "So far, there have been no scientific studies of Spice’s effects on the human brain." Another quote: "We still do not know all the ways Spice may affect human health or how toxic it may be, but one public health concern is that there may be harmful heavy metal residues in Spice mixtures. Without further analyses, it is difficult to determine whether this concern is justified." So, in other words, the government does not have any definitive answers on the effects of synthetic marijuana, but that sure didn't stop them from making it illegal. This sounds all too familiar to me! Enough already, we are not children that need to be guarded from anything that might be construed as dangerous to some. We are adults and if we want to smoke incense, we should be able to. As far as the government knows, this stuff may be less harmful than cigarettes! Besides, we are already seeing States that are legalizing cannabis and yet, the government is banning incense!! Kids have been huffing gasoline for quite some time now, is the government going to ban gasoline!? We need to start standing up for ourselves and our beliefs. The government has gotten way too big and the voice of the people is not being heard, that really needs to change! - We would love to hear your comments and ideas on this... Links:


I was under the impression that this man-made stuff is much more harmful than the real thing, but, I have no proof or evidence to back that up...

This stuff is evil. The government did the right thing by making it illegal.

I don't think comparing gasoline to synthetic pot is reasonable. Gasoline serves a purpose, a good purpose unlike this incense crap! I think they did the right thing by banning it.

The government needs to stay out of stuff like this, they are just too quick to jump on things without having proof...

If people want to use this stuff, let them, it is them who will suffer...

I am appalled at some of the stuff on here, especially about the drugs, don't you people understand how absolutely awful drugs are and that they can tear apart families. We need to get a grip on this on this stuff, not let it keep going on!

Yeah so we are seeing legalization of marijuana in some states and in others they are banning synthetic pot, hmmm what's wrong with this picture? lol

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