Winnebago County's Heroin-fighting Tactics Don't Cut It

According to the article I read, the Neenah Police Chief thinks he has some good ideas when it comes to fighting heroin abuse in the area, but I completely disagree. The information says that the Chief is now getting blood tests done on people who overdose on the drug, and then they charge that person with possession of heroin, even though it technically isn't posssession. As a matter of fact, if my memory serves, the reason that INGESTION of drugs was not made illegal is because it would be a violation of our rights. The government is not legally able to tell us what we can ingest. So, this policeman is changing those rules and violating our rights because he THINKS he is helping people by charging them with possession, which is CLEARLY NOT LEGAL! Someone needs to stop this guy! Possibly the District Attorney, since he should know the law! The whole entire country needs more treatment options and centers to help with the epidemic of drug abuse, NOT jails or prisons! It is obvious that these tactics do NOT work, how can that not be crystal clear to all. The drug companies and big pharma are to blame for a huge part of the heroin problem since it is largely responsible for people getting addicted to prescription opiates and then turning to heroin because of the lesser cost. Treatment NOT prison, that is what should be done!


Sadly, there is a lot of money in private prison systems and until the Federal Government gets out of bed with big private companies and starts actually helping its people, we will never see the change you are describing.

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