Government looking for input on no-drink for bartenders in Neenah

According to a news article, the city of Neenah is looking for opinions from the public on them creating a city ordinance that would make it against the law for bartenders to drink while on the job. Neenah already has it's own uniqueness when it comes to alcohol, since they do not allow it in parks and alcohol is not sold at gas stations, but this may be going too far. From a bar owner's perspective, I would think it would make sense for bartenders to remain sober, but, how the patrons would like it may be a different story. Many people who frequent bars, enjoy the social aspect of a bartender drinking with them, I mean, c'mon, no one wants to drink alone and besides, this is WISCONSIN! I think the bar owners should be making the decision on whether or not they want their servers to consume alcohol or not. The government needs to stay out of it. It seems like they are just looking for ways to create more revenue by passing ordinances like this one. Keep the city law and politics out of it and let the business owners decide. All opinions are appreciated, what is yours? Source article -


Ridiculous, I don't see any reason for the government to get involved in this. Leave the bars/bar owners alone for awhile, it hasn't been that long since the smoking ban and now this stuff? Let them run their businesses the way they want to.

No way....Some of my best times were shaking dice and having a Drink or Shot with the bartender. That one needs to be left "as is."

I see my comment didn't make it through last time. Let me rephrase that. TELL them red diaper babies to pound sand.

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