Another Wisconsin law enforcement officer resigns for misconduct

Seems like a weekly occurrence lately, all these police officers getting caught for misappropriate conduct and resigning from their positions.

From Post Crescent: "Greg Weitz, a former investigator with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office who was assigned to the Lake Winnebago Metropolitan Enforcement Group, was engaging in sexual contact with a confidential informant."

Why is it that this sort of thing is happening so much lately? Are the cops just getting lazy about trying to hide it, or is this another instance of social media blowing it open?

In the Oshkosh/Winnebago County deal with Greg Weitz there seems to be a trend, as he admitted to having a fetish! Here is a quote from the story by Post Crescent, Weitz had “acknowledged he had a fetish for sleeping with confidential informants”.

That statement is very disturbing to me. It also makes me wonder if this isn't somewhat of a common practice for police/sheriff/investigators, etc. I am sure that they use their authority to their advantage with situations like this one, which is sickening!

Weitz resigned from his position with the sheriff’s office on Oct. 17.

Post Crescent Story: Sentencing delayed in Oshkosh drug case; investigator misconduct issues raised


A fetish - OMG, seriously!? That guy should never have been a cop! How demented for someone to think that way while in a position of authority like that? They really need to screen out people like this BEFORE they become policemen.

I think social media helps bring out a lot of this crap. This is just nasty!

Isn't this illegal? Why wasn't he charged with anything?

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